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TATTOO REMOVAL - a patient's guide

This article looks at laser treatment to remove tattoos without scarring. It discusses the effectiveness of removing certain dyes and how many treatments may be necessary.

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INFANT FORMULAS - a parent's guide

Infant formulas are necessary for babies who are not breastfed and those who are being weaned off the breast. This article provides a thorough guide to infant formulas on the market including cow, goat, and soy…

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INSULIN - a patient's guide

There are several different types of insulin from new fast acting products to ones that can take about four hours to work. This article looks at the various types and how to use them.

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FIBRE - a patient's guide

This article outlines the different types of fibre and its role in treating certain conditions such as constipation, high cholesterol, diabetes and in probably reducing the risk of bowel cancer. Useful tips on …

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