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Useful Information

The internet can produce a huge variety of medical information which can be overwhelming at times. In this section we produce some carefully selected links which bring you reliable, useful information about some common conditions. Many of our articles contain useful links as well.

Abdominal and Bowel Problems - The National Institutes of Health: www.niddk.nih.gov/health/digest/digest.htm

This is an excellent site by the National Institutes of Health, containing many useful articles about common bowel, liver and digestive conditions.

Cancer Information- The American Cancer Society: www.cancer.org

This is an excellent site,providing in depth and readable information about various types of cancer.

Diabetes - The National Institutes of Health: www.niddk.nih.gov/health/diabetes/diabetes.htm

This is an excellent site by the National Institutes of Health, with good in depth articles about many aspects of diabetic care

HIV and AIDS - The Body: www.thebody.com

This is a world class HIV and AIDS information resource, with in depth insight from many experts.

Mental Health Help: www.mentalhelp.net

This site offers an award-winning guide to many different mental health conditions.

Mental Health.Com: www.mentalhealth.com/home/

This site edited by a Canadian psychiatrist is an excellent starting point for more detailed reading on a wide variety of mental health issues.

Skin Conditions - The New Zealand Dermatological Society: www.dermnet.org.nz

The New Zealand Dermatological Society has compiled a good list of skin conditions with information about them.

The British Medical Journal: www.bmj.com

Although aimed at doctors, this is a fantastic resource that patients may find very useful for more in depth reading. There is a powerful search facility which will search the journal back to 1994. Entering the condition in the "title" search box will usually produce an editorial or good review article. Tell your doctor about it if they have not heard already!

Travel - The Centre for Disease Control: wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel

This is an excellent site by The Centre for Disease Control - check out the areas you are travelling to under "destinations". This provides detailed overviews of recommended vaccinations and malaria prevention.

Urology - The National Institutes of Health: www.niddk.nih.gov/health/urolog/urolog.htm

This is an excellent resource from the National Institutes of Health, with information on many urology and male health topics.