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BONE HEALTH - an overview for patients

A good intake of calcium is important for maintaining healthy bones. This article provides an in depth look at how to prevent osteoporosis and profiles the calcium content of a variety of foods.

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BREAST CANCER - Family History

A family history of breast cancer can increase a woman's chances of developing the disease. This article looks at the risk factors for having a relation who has had breast cancer.

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BRONCHIECTASIS - a patient's guide

Bronchiectasis is a lung condition which may be the result of a childhood illness. This article looks at possible causes, the symptoms and what can be done to manage the condition.

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BOILS- A Guide for Patients

Boils can be painful and recurrent boils distressing.This article discusses the causes of various types of boils and describes practical and advanced treatment methods.

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Normal x-rays can sometimes fail to detect fractures in athletes. This article outlines other diagnostic options that may be better for diagnosing some sports injuries.

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ATORVASTATIN - a patient's guide

Atorvastatin is a cholesterol-lowering drug which can help prevent a stroke or heart attack. This article profiles the medication and how it should be used.

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BEE STINGS - a patient's guide

Bee stings can be dangerous in sensitive individuals. This article gives an overview of first aid and offers suggestions to reduce the risks in future.

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