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MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM - a patient's guide

Molluscum contagiosum are spots which look like soft warts. The condition is more common among children. This article discusses the problem and how the lesions can be removed.

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STROKE - a patient's guide

A stroke can be a devastating event for patients and their families. This article discusses the treatment and prognosis for stroke patients.

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CT SCAN - a patient's guide

Computed tomography (CT scanning) is used for scanning most parts of the body. This article explains what to do before the scan and what happens during the procedure.

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ULTRASOUND SCANNING - a patient's guide

Ultrasound scanning is a common diagnostic technique. It is often used during pregnancy and to diagnose medical problems. This article outlines how the scan is performed and what preparation is required.

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LUNG CANCER SURGERY - a patient's guide

Surgery can cure lung cancer in about half the number of patients who have the operation. This article outlines the best candidates for surgery and how it is performed

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