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Making an Appointment

We offer both in-person appointments with our doctors and telephone or video call appointments (if appropriate).

How to book an appointment:

Phone the clinic

You are welcome to phone the surgery during Office Hours on (09) 378 7916 to book an appointment. Please indicate to our reception team how urgent you feel you need an appointment, they are usually able to advise the most appropriate service and when the next available appointment is. You may be directed to speak to our practice nurse, Charisma, if you are not sure if an appointment with the doctor is necessary, or if you would like some guidance or advice .

Book online - it's quick and simple!

If you are a registered patient you can also easily book online via our patient portal, Health365. Please follow this link.

Advice for booking appointments if you have Covid symptoms

Please see the the home page for advice regarding potential covid symptoms such as: sore throat, runny nose, cough, with or without fever. If you have any of these symptoms please phone first before coming into the clinic.

In an emergency

Please phone 111  for severe emergencies such as collapse, chest pain , breathing difficulties, bleeding, severe allergic reactions.

Test results

  • Patients will only be notified of abnormal and clinically significant test results.
  • Normal results are reviewed, signed off and filed in patient notes.
  • Patients can access their test results via Health365 portal. (Patients need to request their own login to get access)
  • However, recent abnormal results will not appear until you have been notified.
  • Patients are advised to look out for their test results too.